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pop-up dining experience: pure imagination 

Fifty guests joined us for Pure Imagination, the first Winzday Events dining experience. The theme was a nod to the 1971 Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory film that in addition to being colorful and quirky, encouraged its viewers to dream big and take chances.


An open floor plan allowed guests to mix and mingle while enjoying light bites and creative confectionery delights with a twist of whimsy, crafted to suit a variety of tastes. As the movie played, accompanied by a thoughtfully curated playlist, everyone enjoyed the gallery wall featuring art by Nicholas Terry. It was truly a night to remember.






Fava Bean Soup Shooters

Roast pork skewers with grilled apricot and artichoke hearts

Polenta crisps with avocado mash and marinated shrimp

Polenta crisps with herbed goat cheese and roasted peppers



Inside out deep fried chicken sandwich with grilled brioche "patty"

Seasonal lettuce, heirloom tomato and zucchini fries


* Veggie Tartare - seasoned whole wheat couscous with parmesan, avocado,

white cling peach & jicama w/ dressed arugala salad



Key Lime Pie cupcakes

Gluten free shortcake with marscarpone whipped cream and strawberries

Chocolate pot de creme with powdered nerd candies

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