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private dining: cali-soul experience

Five guests joined us for a small private dining event featuring a Califonia frest twist on soulful Cajun and Southern dishes. We shared good wine, and great storiesat a sit down candle lit dinner. Urban contemporary decor with pops of vibrant color accentuated the rustic food style. A night that was meant to last only two hours carried on until midnight as guests became friends and got comfortable in the homey surroundings.








Parmesan and green onion hush puppies with

cajun roumelade


Collard greens salad with heirloom carrots

and roasted shallot vinaigrette


Main Entree

Gulf shrimp etouffee over white rice



Cling peach and prosecco gelee with macerated raspberries


Signature Cocktail

"The Devereaux"

bourbon whiskey

elderflower liqueur 

lemon juice

sparkling wine

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